Dr. Dunaief presents on integrative medicine topics with a focus on preventing and managing chronic diseases. His aim is to improve health and economic outcomes by addressing the underlying causes of disease. Dr. Dunaief’s integrative approach focuses on nutritional medicine, fitness and stress reduction and how they relate to conventional drug therapies.

Dr. Dunaief uses cutting edge evidence-based medicine to shape his talks. He has presented at academic centers, corporations, medical centers, conferences and wellness expos. His audiences have included clinicians, corporate boards, managers, employees, university professors, researchers and students, and conference attendees.

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Presentation Topics Include:
- Management and Costs of Diabetes
- Early Detection Is Not Prevention
- How to Stay Healthy While on the Road - The Myth of a Clean Bill of Health
- What Supplements Do We Really Need? - Improving Mental Acuity
- Nutrition Health: Making the Grade - Common Medical Maladies with “Age”
- What Is All the Hoopla about Inflammation? - Why Do We Care about Salt?
- Prevention and Treatment of Osteoporosis - Treatment of Prostate and Breast Cancer

- Prevention and Treatment of Chronic Diseases
- Using Lifestyle Modifications to Turn On and Off Genes
- Addressing Controversies in Women’s Health Issues
- Addressing Controversies in Men’s Health Issues
- Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing- Deciphering Food Labels - Medical Testing for Risks: Beneficial or Overwhelming?
- Debunking the Myths of Traditional Medicine - Techniques for Stress Management and Increasing Energy Levels
- Type 2 Diabetes, How to Become Non-diabetic - Why Do We Need Vitamin D and How Much?
- Healthy Eating for Cholesterol Management - How to Improve Biometrics and Reduce Health Care Costs

Research Published In:
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