My Philosophy

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My philosophy is simple. I believe wellness is derived through nutritional medicine and lifestyle interventions that prevent and treat chronic diseases. Medications have their place, and in some cases, they can be lifesaving. However, there’s no medication without side effects. The goal should be to limit the need for medications – or minimize the number of medications you take on a regular basis.

You are not limited by your genes. Fortunately, most diseases are based primarily on epigenetics, which are environmental influences, and not on genetics. Epigenetics literally means above or around the gene. In epigenetics, lifestyle choices impact gene expression. Just because your first-degree relatives may have had a disease, you are not predestined to follow suit.

I am a specialist who will partner with your primary care physician. A standard medical education does not integrate enough nutritional medicine and other lifestyle interventions. My goal is to bridge that gap.

I use evidence-based medicine to guide my decision-making. The amount of research related to nutrition and other lifestyle issues continues to grow rapidly, with many showing significant beneficial effects on health. To read more about evidence-based medicine, click here.

I treat each patient as an individual. I will work with you to develop a plan that allows you to take a proactive role in managing your own health. The health outcomes are worth the effort.