Reversing Diabetes with a Plant-Based, Vegan Diet
Watch how New York City Mayor, Eric Adams, turned his health around after a devastating diagnosis in this video from Forks Over Knives.  Eric Adams, who was then New York City’s Brooklyn Borough President and is now NYC Mayor, had diabetes that was so severe that he was losing his eyesight as well as the feeling in his legs. Adams learned about and adopted a whole-food, plant-based diet—and soon afterwards, his condition and all accompanying symptoms were completely reversed.

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Helping My Mom Beat Diabetes
One cold day in January of 2016, I witnessed my mother inject herself with insulin to deal with her Type 2 diabetes. Despite several years of being on this injection routine, the grimace on her face clearly showed that she had never gotten used to the sharp pain. When I left her home, I sat in my car and had a conversation with God. “I am not a doctor,” my plea began, “but I wish I could do something for my mother to address her diabetes.”
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Chronic pain sufferers seek alternatives to opioid use – Brooklyn News 12
BROOKLYN HEIGHTS – The over-prescription of opioids for chronic pain has become a major concern for many Brooklyn residents. Borough President, Eric Adams, spoke about the impact of opioids at Spear Physical Therapy in Brooklyn Heights Sunday. Those who have used the drugs for pain say it has had a drastic impact on them.

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Protecting SNAP is the healthy choice – Amsterdam News
Obesity rates continue to increase, and diabetes, heart disease and other preventable illnesses rip families apart and cut lives short. Is it smart economic and health policy to turn the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, colloquially known as food stamps, into a packaged food distribution service to the poor?
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Eating this can help the elderly fight chronic illness – Market Watch
Forget the labels and stereotypes associated with plant-based diets, and think of this: eating wholesome, natural foods can prevent, delay or even possibly reverse chronic illnesses older people have.
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Brandhive’s Jeff Hilton Panel Discussion of the Promises of Personalized Nutrition
Personalized nutrition, is it a fad or the way of the future? From apps that can deliver micronutrient and vitamin deficiency data anywhere to “wearables” synched to a huge database that uses AI to track nutrition and behavior data and suggest personalized recipes or menus, there is a convergence of nutrition and technology. Panel participants included Dr. Ashley Vargas, a scientist and clinician focusing on diet, genes and health for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Dr. David Dunaief, an internist specializing in integrative medicine, and Dr. Emily Contois, a food and culture scholar at Brown University. While no longer available on iTunes, you can access a recording on IFT’s site.
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